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About ZAN Coin

ZAN Coin will be a community of currency users who benefit from the software development, making profit at each level of the SL. We aim to achieve this through application of the blockchain technology to our existing business practices and employees.

ZAN Coin aims to introduce crypto in an existing business model that already works and improve its potential by raising the motivation of developers, increment the sales with better products, and speed up the process of payments and financial security.

Having vast experience with security consulting and software development we would like to take the SL to the next level. Faster, better and supported by a community of people who want to take part in a real business and do not entertain false hopes of 1000% jumps in 1 week. What we offer is real business profits with a real future potential.

We have many projects behind our backs and as blockchain believers we are really enthusiastic about involving crypto in our day-to-day work. We are confident that this would help take IT Consulting and Development to a whole new level.

Ticker: ZAN
Token type: ERC20
ICO Token price: 1 ETH = 900 ZAN
Fundraising Goal: 5000000
Sold on pre-sale: 8402709
Total Tokens: 12003870
Whitelist: Yes
Bonus for the First: Pre-sale 15-22 April 2018 1500 tokens per 1 ETH ICO round 1 25 April-2 May 2018 1200 tokens per 1 ETH ICO round 2 5-12 May 2018 900 tokens per 1 ETH
Accepts the following: ETH


Team from: Australia


5000000 88.15%
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