About Uranus

Uranus like a Uber and Airbnb platform in the computing power resources provides a computing power resource platform of the players, for the players and by the players beyond conventional public clouds.To address the current pain points of public cloud, such as unfit for distributed computing, vulnerability to theft of data assets, high tariff, lack of flexibitity and difficult migration, Uranus seamlessly links and integrates
redundant computing power in the world through establishment of an expandable public blockchain and an distributed container technology, and provides efficient, costeffective and decentralized computing service for users.

Uranus will be a globalized computing resource platform with hundreds of thousands resource contributors and resources users. It completely changes the conventional centralized cloud computing business model and resource structure thereof. Its computing power resource platform may be used in large computing projects based on distributed computing, such as: protein structure computing in Volunteer Project, computing of new planetary orbits and analysis of weather data. It may also be used in a great many projects based on edge computing, such as: search, voting, games,
advertising and IoT node management. This platform may also serve as an underlying service platform for other public blockchains, for example, provide one-click deployment of various chains and applications. Particularly, on this new container architecture for distributed computing, container image supermarkets and application stores may be built, thus constructing an application ecosphere based on distributed computing and edge computing, and creating huge social and economic values. 

The members of the executive team of the Uranus project have profound theoretical foundation and average 20 years’ practical experience in this field. They have successfully established a few enterprises whose products have entered some of top 20 Chinese corporations. Under the leadership of the executive team, the technology development team of the Uranus project has completed the development and commercial delivery of many major projects over the years. Advisory Board of the Uranus project consists of internationally first-rate technical experts in this field, senior practitioners in crypto economy and leading figures in the media sector, providing further guarantee for the success of the project.

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