About The UXM

The Universal Exchange Marketplace (UXM) is a designed to be a powerful yet easy to use transaction exchange platform that empowers individuals and businesses worldwide to increase their income, wealth, and value through optimized efficiencies on all sides of a transaction while simultaneously and automatically multiplying the value of each transaction for both buyer and seller through the proprietary UXM Multiplied Monetization (UMM) system.

The UXM utilizes a group of proprietary blockchain driven algorithms and methods called CaaP (Customer as a Partner) to drive this process. The benefits to users of the UXM are improved transaction results, multiplication of the value of each transaction, more opportunities for transactions, and a new channel of income and net worth building. The UXM is available to all individuals and companies worldwide with no risk and with no obligation.

Anything can be placed in the marketplace and monetized including physical products, digital products, services, ideas, concepts, proposals, one-off deals, ongoing business, traditional business, business funding requests, business funding offers, social media assets and actions, link clicks, image views, document views, blog actions, email registrations, coupon claims, affinity program points, online form completions, offline calls, offline services, virtually anything.

The UXM applies to existing transactions as well as new transaction. Existing offers now available online or offline can instantly and easy be brought into the UXM platform in just minutes. This includes everything from a personal social media site to a large global brand retailer or online marketer. Transactions can be one-off opportunities or ongoing commercial endeavors. There is no obligation of risk to add anything to the UXM.


TOKEN SALE 2018-05-28-2018-09-03

Ticker: UXM
Token type: ERC20
ICO Token price: 1 ETH = 2,000 UXM
Fundraising Goal: 350000000UXM
Sold on pre-sale: 122499999
Total Tokens: 350000000
Whitelist: Yes
Bonus for the First: 15% token bonus ends July 22, 2018 10% token bonus ends August 5, 2018 5% token bonus ends August 19, 2018
Accepts the following: ETH


Team from: Hong Kong


0 Years, 4 Months, 6 Days and 16 Hours
350000000UXM 30.73%
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