About SocialRemit

SocialRemit is a new platform designed to provide emerging projects with financial and technological tools based on blockchain and impact in a positive way on society through the collaborative economy that aims to build decentralized autonomous platforms of high efficiency, betting that the participating community gets involved in the projects it finances, which will also serve to establish a structure for social marketing and promotion, where each project can be spread in the media, to take advantage over the competition between the highlighted projects and obtain financing from other users.

Although blockchain technology is still taking its first steps, SocialRemit plans to take a leading role in all facets of remittances and real estate globally to make this a reality, starting with the disruption of the remittance market, and tokenize great real estate assets to negotiate in our Crowdfunding Touristic Real-Estate.


TOKEN SALE 2018-09-03-2019-03-02

Ticker: SRT
Token type: ERC20
ICO Token price: 1 SRT = 0.40 USD
Fundraising Goal: 180000000
Sold on pre-sale: 180000000
Total Tokens: 300000000
Whitelist: Yes
Bonus for the First: 10% of the total of the SRT tokens will be sold during PRE-ICO, which will be sold with a bonus from 40% for early investments: - First Month PRE-ICO 10% of the tokens with a bonus of 60% - Second Month ICO Bonus of 25% - Third Month ICO Bonus of 15 % - Fourth Month ICO Bonus of 10% - Fifth Month ICO Bonus of 7% - Sixth Month ICO Bonus of 3% Investments from crypto exchangers will not be accepted. People can use Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies as well as a credit or debit card or other electronic payment method to buy tokens in our Tokens store. The payments made with the altcoins which are accepted in our store such as: Dogecoin,etc., will have a Bonus of 10%, excepting Ethereum.
Accepts the following: BTC, ETH, NEO, LTC, DOGE, Fiat


Team from: UK


0 Years, 7 Months, 8 Days and 21 Hours
180000000 40.82%
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