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Real Estate Doc (RED) will revolutionise the managing of commercial real estate businesses. Running on our blockchain network, our technology platform facilitates secure, immutable and legally binding transactions between parties using blockchain and smart contracts in a seamless environment, to achieve data-driven, cost-efficient and seamlessly fast transactions.

Our long term vision for RED is to become a versatile blockchain protocol and business application where real estate companies can rent out and transact the lease of any kind of commercial real estate space. Through the RED application, the user will easily manage every aspect of these transactions on one convenient application. The RED blockchain protocol will over time, also allow for other real estate businesses to plug-in to the RED private sidechain with their existing system to access its benefits available.

RED has successfully deployed proof-of-concepts in large commercial retail establishments in Singapore, streamlining commercial retail leasing transactions between landlords and vendors.

At the core of the RED platform is a suite of software modules serving the requirements of commercial real estate companies. This includes:

– Document Management System – A proprietary document and contracts management system based on the blockchain.
–  Calendar, Analytics and Budgets – Data-driven leasing calendar schedules, business analytics and budgets.
– KYC Network – Simplified vendor and tenant onboarding through a shared, seamless KYC network on blockchain.
– Payments and Lease Proceeds Management – Driven through a tokenised payment system for seamless rental and lease management proceeds between landlords and their tenants and vendors.
– The Space Exchange – Data-driven smart marketplace for all commercial and retail space with matching algorithms to drive business to corporate landlords.

The goal of Real Estate Doc Token Generation Event is to convert our business into a truly decentralised token system for the commercial real estate leasing industry. Assimilating the capabilities of blockchain technology and smart contracts, we will for the industry, ramp up sales productivity, reduce the costs of transactions, eradicate expensive paper contract fraud and increase business revenue for commercial real estate businesses.

Ticker: REDT
Token type: ERC20
ICO Token price: 1 REDT = 0.018 USD
Fundraising Goal: 9000000
Sold on pre-sale: 250000000
Total Tokens: 500000000
Whitelist: Yes


Team from: Singapore


9000000 7.93%
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