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Open Longevity

About Open Longevity

What’s Open Longevity?
An online platform consisting of a website and mobile app with the following capabilities:

  • Neural network
    Users upload their test results. Then the system gives advice on lifestyle, sports, nutrition and meds, based an array of data from the self-learning network.
  • Telemedicine
    A database of physicians, scientific analysts and biohackers to get your consultation, based on your personal data.
  • Research
    New infrastructure for scientists and volunteers to conduct and take part in research. Openness and refusal of patent protection will accelerate and reduce the cost of the process, increase the reliability of the results.
  • Marketplace
    Wearables and other diagnostic devices, dietary supplements and vitamins, applications and subscriptions for services, such as gyms, at special prices — everything for extra YEARs in one place.

Why do we think that the Open Longevity platform is interesting to millions of users?

Each of us wants to extend youth and improve the quality of life, our own and our loved ones. We all know, that the risks of so many diseases increase with age. We offer you to reduce these risks by performing the diagnostics in time. We will tell you how to do it and how to interpret the results. Our system is convenient for constant use, has high scientific certainty, relevance and flexibility. We rely on an array of scientific publications, not on the opinion of single experts. The value of such a service is obvious to everyone who wants to monitor their health and improve its performance.

Ticker: YEAR
Token type: ERC20
ICO Token price: 100 USD = 1000 - 1500 YEAR
Fundraising Goal: 35500000
Sold on pre-sale: 50%
Whitelist: Yes
Accepts the following: ETH


Team from: Russia


35500000 11.91%
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