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Football is a supernational phenomenon. The most popular sport in the world, with more than 4 billion fans worldwide, delivers the power of emotion to all fans: from casual admirers, through active supporters, to the loyal followers who treat this sport as a religion and put their team’s interest above anything else. Throughout years this sport has become much more than entertainment.

The joy and thrills brought by football rivalry has created one of the largest markets in the world with huge opportunities and capital invested. As a best recognized and the most watched sport in the world it became a significant medium with extremely wide spectrum of impact, therefore, it attracts the most important advertisers and sponsors from various sectors and branches.

Statistically, every second person in the world has, to some extent, something to do with football. In Asia there is almost 80 million professional football players, followed by 60 million in Europe and 40 million both in Africa and North America. Football clubs, with net values often exceeding 1 billion US dollars, became businesses that are comparable to the largest industrial companies.

Revenues from advertisement, sales of tickets and accessories, player transfers and other activities are estimated at 30 billion US dollars in Europe only and this business is still in a phase of development. By 2030 China is planning to have 1 football pitch per every 10,000 citizens. At the same time FIFA is putting much effort into football development in Africa. There are more than 300 thousand football clubs worldwide competing against each other at various levels and the top three of them: Manchester United, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are actively supported by over 330 million international fans.

Without those fans football would be barely a shadow of its’ present self.

Yet there is still a lack of proper solutions that understand and help football fans develop their passion. Therefore, we decided to create MatchDiary – an innovative social platform that focuses on football fans’ needs. Match Diary is a command centre, empowering the user to enjoy the sport he loves on a new level and enhancing his experience by participation in global community.


TOKEN SALE 2018-09-14-2018-11-30

Ticker: MDR
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Sold on pre-sale: 105000000
Total Tokens: 210000000
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Accepts the following: ETH


Team from: Cyprus


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