About GCOX

Our primary customers are intended to be celebrities. GCOX provides solutions for each celebrity from every stage in the celebrity life cycle. A celebrity life cycle begins from the introduction stage, followed by the stages of growth, maturity, and decline, before reaching the final decision point. Regardless of the stage a celebrity is in, GCOX has the solution to meet his or her needs.

For example, celebrities in the Introduction and Growth stages could leverage on the GCOX platform to promote, enhance, and expand their popularity. GCOX will address celebrities’ needs through its ITS platforms for fundraising, as well as their access campaign platforms to promote their outreach and brand to fans as well as the masses.

GCOX offers a platform that uses blockchain technology to create and trade Celebrity Tokens (as elaborated on in Section 5.3 below). This enables celebrities to unlock the value of their popularity by creating and selling their own Celebrity Tokens on the GCOX Platform. Fans will be able to gain privileged access to their idols by purchasing Celebrity Tokens of their idols. The listings of Celebrity Tokens on exchanges will provide an objective indication of their popularity, seen through the market capitalisation of their Celebrity Tokens as determined by open market forces.

The utilisation of these Celebrity Tokens depends on the potential and promise of the celebrities concerned, the size of the community on the platform, the degree of user activity and market acceptance, as well as the participant’s choice of potential projects.

While celebrities who list their popularity on the platform will have their own personal Celebrity Tokens, the ACCLAIM Token (as elaborated on in Section 5 below) is the native token of the platform. It can be used to access all the celebrities listed on the platform. In fact, there are various advantages in using ACCLAIM Tokens to access the listed celebrities, such as a 20% subscription bonus for an end-user if he or she used ACCLAIM Tokens to access campaigns or initiatives put forth by listed celebrities.

Ticker: ACM
Token type: ACM
ICO Token price: 1 ACM = 0.60 USD
Sold on pre-sale: 810000000
Total Tokens: 900000000
Whitelist: Yes
Accepts the following: BTC, ETH


Team from: Singapore



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