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About Ether Legends

Officially founded in 2017, Elementeum Gaming, LLC is focused on improving the experience for collectible trading card game players. The Elementeum Gaming team has worked together on many projects over the past 13 years, ranging from startups to significant roles in large corporations. With the emergence of mainstream blockchain technology, the Elementeum Gaming team saw an opportunity to introduce Ether Legends and its currency, Elementeum, in order to provide players secure, tangible ownership of their digital and physical cards and other collectible assets.

Best of both worlds… Ether legends is a physical and digital collectible trading card game with a breadth of scalability in the digital platform drive by our token currency, Elementeum (ELET). 

Dating back to 2010 the rise of Bitcoin fueled the cofounders’ fascination with cryptocurrency mining and the utility of blockchain technologies. Understanding that Bitcoin was just one potential application of the underlying blockchain technology, the cofounders were excited to see what innovations would be made in the blockchain space. The 2015 release of the Ethereum platform opened up a world of possibilities for blockchain applications. After much research, the Elementeum Gaming team concluded that the Ethereum network was the ideal launch platform for Ether Legends, with all the required infrastructure and functionality needed to bring the Ether Legends gaming platform to life.

Our mission at Elementeum Gaming, LLC is to become the preferred gaming platform for digital trading card games. Put simply, we aim to be the best platform and ecosystem where players can earn, buy, sell, and trade online and truly own their digital assets. To do so, the team is committed to creating a collectible trading card game with seamless blockchain integration where players experience a strong connection to the Ether Legends characters, experience competitive, fair matchplay, earn rewards, and most importantly, have fun!

To succeed, the Elementeum Gaming team recognizes that Ether Legends MUST BE:

Visually Astounding
Skill-based over chance-based
Simple but maintain depth
Playable worldwide
Playable for all ages
Safe and secure

Our team is excited for this opportunity and for the future of Ethereum, bringing it one step closer to mainstream. The time is now. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of the next evolution of trading card game play. For more information on the team and experience, please read the whitepaper.

Ticker: ELET
Token type: ERC20
ICO Token price: 1 ETH = 1,000 ELET
Fundraising Goal: 8750000
Sold on pre-sale: 24500000
Total Tokens: 35000000
Whitelist: Yes
Bonus for the First: Phase 1 - Quintessence (PreSale): 100% Phase 2 - Fire: 80% Phase 3 -Water: 60% Phase 4 - Air: 40% Phase 5 - Earth: 20% Phase 6 - Closeout: 0%
Accepts the following: ETH


Team from: USA


8750000 50.63%
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