About Desto

DESTO has identified the following as major problems globally with regards to financial institutions and the availability of financial platforms:


  1. Provide payment solutions to the Unbanked 2.5 Billion people.
  2. Crypto payment issues such as transaction speed, usability for merchants and their customers.
  3. Retail merchants,small to medium size enterprising industries, major manufacturing and larger corporate organization are yet to adopt blockchain innovative applications as part of their solution creating new income streams, cost savings, transparency, process management, inventory management, just to name a few..

DESTO innovative blockchain solutions:

  1. DESTO PAY and DESTO APPs cater to improve people’s lives and enterprising communities, especially the unbanked communities.
  2. DESTO PAY and DESTO CX enables merchants to benefit from crypto payment and instant solutions for liquidity for both crypto and eventually fiat (as per regulations) enabling them to receive new income streams.
  3. DESTO VENTURES continuously liaisons with representatives of the government and private sectors to implement blockchain solutions into their business enabling them to improve their day to day operations.
  4. DESTO RESERVE provides the DESTO community good diversified coverage of crypto holdings through collaborative owned joined ICO ventures, including the mining of legacy cryptos and acquiring new technology and talents from the crypto world.

TOKEN SALE 2018-05-01-2018-08-31

Ticker: DEO
Token type: DEO Protocol
ICO Token price: 1 DEO = 0.9 USD
Fundraising Goal: 43000000
Sold on pre-sale: 132986891
Total Tokens: 199740000
Whitelist: Yes
Bonus for the First: 30% purchase bonus - 0.30USD, 0.50USD, 0.70USD 25% purchase bonus - 0.90USD 25% Incentive bonus - 0.30USD 20% Incentive bonus - 0.50USD, 0.70USD, 0.90USD 20,000,000 DEO for global incentives bonus, with total of 2000 entries to be filled.
Accepts the following: ETH, BTC, Fiat


Team from: USA


0 Years, 1 Months, 6 Days and 20 Hours
43000000 30.50%
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