About Brixby

Brixby is a marketplace that brings together people who want to rent, park, and charge their (electric) cars and asset owners who are ready to offer those services, in one easy-to-use Brixby app. Brixby takes care of the entire driver’s journey, making it faster and more convenient. Transportation services are in high demand, due to the growth of cities and increases in population. It is a USD 74+ BN market, which is ready for innovation and transparency.

Brixby will provide a decentralised blockchain-based marketplace suitable for a service provider of any size.

Brixby is a decentralised platform where each transaction is confirmed using blockchain technology. We believe that Brixby’s transparency and confirmation functionality will benefit every industry player:

  • large, centralised service providers will improve their internal procedures, increase transparency, and decrease processing mistakes due to blockchain
  • small service providers will be able to sell services to more consumers and do it more transparently
  • consumers will gain from the assurance that the money they pay for services gets to the correct place in the correct time, with no fines due to processing mistakes
  • everyone will get a convenient, universal user interface

Also, Brixby will:

  1. Provide transportation service operators with new tools for efficient and modern asset management for BRICKs tokens. Being listed on a global service map will make it possible to attract more clients.
  2. Provide urban dwellers with information about the availability of transportation services and payment methods in an easy-to-use, accessible format, on their smartphones.
  3. Provide solutions for managing transportation without large expenditures for small businesses.
  4. Provide urban dwellers information about availability of transportation services and payment methods in easy to use and access format, on smartphone.
  5. Ensure transparency of financial and non-financial transactions using blockchain technology, which can be controlled by any user.
  6. Provide access for small service providers to consumers, letting small service providers offer their services in easy-to-use and transparent way.
Ticker: BRICK
ICO Token price: 1 BRICK = 0.000917 ETH
Total Tokens: 110966480
Whitelist: Yes
Bonus for the First: Pre-sale - Day 1 50% Pre-sale - Day 2 45% Pre-sale - Day 3 43% Pre-sale - Day 4+ 40%
Accepts the following: BTC, ETH, LTC



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