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Place your job offer easily Via Smartphones

Skill-sharing platform

beep is a skill-sharing platform that connects “job seeker” and “job offerer” together, and allows you to execute everything, from offering a job to payment, from your smartphone.

Let’s say you want to experience the crazy fashion in Harajuku. Take out your phone, and find a coordinator. Use a GPS function and meet up at a location, do your shopping, and pay them at the end.

Every request can be a service

How about this; you’re on a trip and you want a local people to guide you to a rare spot that’s not on your guidebook. You have an important date tomorrow, and you need someone to pick out clothes for it.

You need to learn a dance for your friend’s wedding ceremony. You need a painter. You need someone to give you some relationship advice, or legal advice. Whatever you wish for, you can post your request on beep.

Making money on your spare time

Structure is simple.

An individual uses their special skills to provide service to someone who is looking for help, and earns reward in return, and you can set your own price, like “I will teach you English for 15 USD per hour” or “I can help you move out of your apartment for 200 USD per day”.

beep will let you earn an income using your after 5 or your holidays.

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TOKEN SALE 2018-09-01-2018-09-20

Token type: ERC20
ICO Token price: 1 ETH = 25000 BEEP
Sold on pre-sale: 40%
Whitelist: Yes


Team from: Estonia


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