Bitcoinus is building a platform that will enable exceptionally fast crypto transactions. Current situation where transaction speed is low and its cost is high cannot be used in most e-commerce businesses. Bitcoinus will change the way transactions interact within internal system due to our complex algorithm which enables certain operations to be performed before they are uploaded to blockchain. Yet it will remain secure and reliable as it should.

Bitcoinus will enable everyone to buy cryptocurrencies using their ordinary bank cards. All purchased Alt- coins will also be stored in secure wallets. Moreover, we will be providing the most cost effective and efficient B2B online payment processing solution.

Bitcoinus is a solution

Bitcoinus has two main solutions:

First, Creating a payment gateway for utilizing over 100 cryptocurrencies that will be integrated into the platform in the first year.

Second, Developing a powerful online payment processing system. It will enable all online businesses to accept an increasing amount of altcoins as a payment method.

crowdsale details

In the first sale twenty second to twenty third of february , there will be 40 percent of discount

In twenty fourth to twenty fifteenth of april, there will be thirty percent discount

In april sixteenth to first of may, fifteen percent of discount

and in the second of may to tenth of may, five percent of discount will be given.

Token allocation will be like this:

seventy five percent to community

only ten percent for team

eight percent for mergers and acquisitions

four percent for legal

two percent for advisory

and one percent for bounty


zero percent merchant transaction fees when payment is done in BITS

Implemented merchant reputation system to ensure secure transactions.

All-season-long sales from most of Bitcoinus retail partners

Maximum liquidity of BITS tokens ensured by trading in all major exchanges

Bitcoinus team tokens locked for 12 months — no market manipulation

Online crypto payments industry growth to boom in exponential progression

And behind this great project there is a very succeful team.

DYLAN SHARKEY, he is Senior Advisor at IUNGO, Ex LinkedIn & Enterprise Ireland

IOANA FRINCU, she is Blockchain Developer

PEDRO JORDAO , he is Professor


eVA SKORNICKOVA, she is Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Advisor

WULF KAAL, he is Professor

Bitcoinus is building a fast crypto transactions platform. So Don’t be late for this ICO join now and take the best place.


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