Beaxy ICO Review



Hey, welcome back. Today I’m covering Beaxy.


Let’s get started with a little bit of information about the project and the ICO.


What is Beaxy?
Beaxy aims to create the ultimate all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange, with more tools at your disposal than ever before, and a user experience that is unmatched. Lifetime referral rewards, coin staking, loyalty program, instant FIAT deposits, 24/7 customer support, robust charting tools on exchange, mobile app functionality with custom alerts, unique trading pairs, 4 layers of security architecture, and enhanced transaction throughput are just some of the ways Beaxy stand out from other platforms and offer you the best possible trading experience.


Also you can see their story, vision and mission on the website if you are interested in finding it. Their website is really informative. I would suggest attempting to read the white paper or if you don’t have enough time you just can check out their lightpaper.


Now let’s get into ICO details.


The BXY token presale begins on June 15th, with a 20% bonus. The Public ICO begins on July 1st. ETH : BXY ratio will be determined at a point closer to the Presale date. Due to uncertainty in the market, investors from the US and China will not be able to participate in their ICO.


token type: ERC20

total supply: one hundred million

token sale: sixty million

soft cap: five million dollars

hard cap: thirty million dollars

payment methods: ETH


Now time to check team members behind Beaxy platform before investing in this project.


Project team consists of some pretty highly educated lawyers, researchers  and engineers with experience in the software development and blockchain domain.


I apologize ahead of time if I mispronounce the names here. Their CEO and co founder is Artak Hamazaspyan.


Artak is the ‘founding father’ of Beaxy. He has worked 10 years in software development. Artak has prior experience in leading a business and his reliability and amiable personality has laid the foundation for company culture at Beaxy. He believes creating a website is not a job, it’s a lifestyle. As technology changes, so does the product roadmap, and he is up for the challenge in keeping the team ahead of the curve.
Artak is also a miner and a trader. This, combined with his involvement in the community, put him in a unique position to understand the challenges and obstacles that
competing exchanges are faced with. The encounters with other exchanges had left him frustrated, which ended up being the motivation to create Beaxy.


Narine Khachatryan
Co-founder | Lead of Operations and Marketing
Narine holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a
Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Systems
Management. Narine interested in technologies that can have a lasting impact on society, and believes 3D printing and cryptocurrencies are at the front of that movement. Her responsibilities for Beaxy includes: team coordination, working with external contacts and groups, marketing, and ensuring Beaxy is compliant with all laws.


Marine Ghandilyan
Co-founder | Lead of Legal Team
Marine holds a Master’s Degree in International & Transnational Law from Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology. As an experienced lawyer and a researcher at Kent University, she is skilled at networking and negotiations and finds significant interest in both cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Since cryptocurrency is a relatively young field, there are not many lawyers with an overlapping knowledge of these two disciplines. Marine has helped to identify experienced crypto-attorneys, who then joined Beaxy team. They are all excited to work on this developing area of business and law.

Arsen Kotolyan ​
Chief Information Officer
Arsen is a blockchain and DevOps engineer with 10 years of experience in large scaling environments. Arsen has worked as a security advisor for Fortune 500 companies in the financial services industry and the healthcare industry where he managed high-load cloud environments. In 2015, he found an interest in cryptocurrencies and has since become a miner and an active trader. His contributions to Beaxy will result in higher security, increased scale, and maximum availability for the platform.


They  have a very large list of team members, advisers and partners that they’re working with. But I’m not gonna go through all of that again. All that information will be in the description if you’re interested in finding it.

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