Akaito ICO


We all know what to do with “old” money. Cryptocurrency is in majority of cases just waiting for its own hour of glory in our wallets.

We passed to next qualitative level of life, but why we still don’t know how to use resources, which are given to us by this new level?

Cryptocurrency is worth to make life of its owners better. AKAIITO is offering You start to use Your cryptocurrency same effectively as You are using fiat money from Your wallet.

AKAIITO is Powerful platform based on blockchain system, functioning on smart contract technology and uniting in itself many fields of life. Payments have to be done in AIC tokens or another cruptoccurency, in second case another cryprocurrency will be converted to AIC with commission.


What is the AKAIITO’s solution?

AKAIITO is complex of platforms united in one resource, which is allowing to live in real world by using new currency – cryptocurrency. This is unique opportunity to buy goods, to rent cars and apartments, to use different services and help of specialists from nanny to lawyers, by using crypto money.

Powerful platform based on blockchain system, functioning on smart contract technology and uniting in itself many fields of life.

Such as Marketing, renting, map and services.

The initial features of akaiito:

Akaiito is actually a network of platforms, united by a single token. This creates the opportunity to buy goods, rent cars and apartments and pay for different kinds of specialist services (from lawyers to nannies), all with a wide variety of crypto money.

Sellers can present their own merchandise or service, along with a price in whatever currency they choose.

Buyers who agree to purchase the same, also agree to pay with cryptocurrency.

Sellers can also choose to designate fixed or floating prices.

The token rate is fixed at the moment of sale when the smart contract executes.

Taxes are automatically applied on a country by country basis.

Here are the details of the upcoming Akaiito token sale:

Token name is AIC

Token base is ERC-20

Token supply is thirty million AIC tokens (twenty two dat five million sold during crowd sale)

Token sale target is one thousand eth as softcap

hard cap is twenty thousand ethereum

Pre-ICO is on tweltfh of  February to twenty fifth of february

Token price is one ethereum is equal to one thousand tokens (with special bonus of sixty percent % during the pre-ICO)

Accepted currencies: ETH during pre-ICO and all currencies, including fiat during ICO

Let’s check the team members

Sergey Brek, he is founder of akaiito

Vladislav Garbuzenko, he is lead developer

Katja Krolova, she is CEO

Make Your life more convenient, use resources, which You have, step up to new level of life: join AKAIITO!


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